Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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“Bitch, You Ain’t No Nerd”

My week has been eaten up like chum in shark infested waters. It was an insta-wrap when NCAA Football 2010 came out on July 14 (PSN ID: dubj1023, come get some) and my new flat screen TV came in the mail. I never had a chance nor did I ever have a choice. I mean, why would I write to you people when I could be using digitally enhanced amateur athletes to defeat an 8 year old from Helena, Montana in an online game. It’s a serious no-brainer. So what if I have neglected my double cheeseburgers, social interaction, and natural light--I have my new TV and video game.

Call me a nerd, I understand. It also might be sad knowing that the coolest kid you know is obsessed with video games. I am also cranking my nerd game to the fullest. Recognize that I am currently wearing glasses and looking awesome. All my girl co-workers got their panties in a bunch as they wonder how many math problems I can do or how many pencils I have in my drawer. It’s a great fantasy world I live in. Any who, I have given up on work today, so I am going to try to get a shit load of posts done. NCAA is starting to piss me off anyway. That 8 year old from Montana used Florida and kept hucking the god damn ball down field. Ugh.

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