Thursday, March 6, 2014

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Arguably The Most Disappointing Alligator Of The Last 1000 Years

Hey Alligator,

Get your shit together. 

The Mesozoic Era

Yikes.  Not a good day for alligators.  Not a good day at all.  16 seed defeated a 1 seed.  Once word gets out that one of them got absolutely brutalized by an otter, respect/fear is going to plummet.  Alligator wrestlers everywhere will be out of jobs, people won't think twice about hitting golf balls out of the swamp and, most of all, otters are officially terrifying.

Seriously.  Otters might have gotten bold all of a sudden.  What struck that otter to say, "Yeah, I can fuck this alligator all the way up"?  That's the question we need to dive into because humans aren't too far off on the "improbable animals otters didn't think they could fuck up, but suddenly can" list.  I'm not trying to get otter-mugged in a dark alley any time soon.  Be on the look out, people.

Sell all alligator stock and buy all otter stock.  Market lesson of the day.

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