Thursday, July 10, 2014

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Have To Respect The Guy That Photoshops Himself Onto Private Jets

Snake it til you make it, sir.  Girls love private jets?  Just find your best "super casual" picture, delicately cut it out on Microsoft Paint and plop that sucker on a runway next to a private jet.  Done and done.  Oh, they need proof that you are actually ON the jet itself.  Pfft, they don't even know that you took an Adobe class in the 10th grade.

BAM!  Changed the game in all of these haters' faces.  "Don't think this jet is mine?  Well, jokes on you because here is me photoshopped ON a jet that you have to assume is the jet from the previous picture, bitches." 

Oh, what's that?  I can't hear you because I photoshopped myself onto a private jet:

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