Wednesday, July 2, 2014

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Woman Burns Down House Because She Couldn't Kill A Spider

You know what?  It happens.  You see a spider, toss a shoe at it from 15 feet away, convince yourself you killed it even though there is absolutely zero evidence that it's dead and then you feel like something is crawling on you for the rest of the night.  It's a story as old as time itself.  Instead of dealing with uncertainty and living in constant fear, this lady was proactive and started over.  Yeah, maybe she didn't fully pay the mortgage and this whole sequence may be classified as a "terrible financial situation", but hey, no more spider, right?  

Seriously though, I completely agree with this move.  Can't live your life worried that a vengeful spider is going to lay tons of eggs on your tongue.  Just dip into that 401k and focus on making sure that shoe toss counts next time.

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