Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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I'm Not Saying We Have To Burn Down This Factory That's Filled With 107 Million Spiders, But.....

Let's not get hasty here.  I don't want some young rapscallion to run in there with a gas canister and a match.  This needs to be thought out strategically.  And by "strategically", I mean military strikes, drones, Terminator-style robots, and potentially a trained army of grizzly bears.  

The fact that this exists is terrifying for so many reasons.  Mainly, EW.  Secondly, these spiders might figure out how to mobilize.  The odds that we have a "Caesar from Planet of the Apes" type of spider in there is alarmingly high.  

Let's get on it, super-soldiers.  We're wasting time here

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