Monday, November 10, 2014

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If We Don't Get Smarf (From "Too Many Cooks") An Appropriate Spin-off, We've Failed As A Country

Look, I'll put it bluntly.  The streets NEED a Smarf spin-off.  Sure, he died a gruesome death and has the weirdest skill-set in the game, but that's all in the mystery.  Is he a wise-cracking piano teacher with a heart of gold?  Maybe he's a cat that was born with Care Bear powers and has to maneuver through society as an outcast?  Is that a vest?  I don't know, but I want to know so badly.

Sidenote, I made the horribly amazing mistake of watching the full "Too Many Cooks" video while very drunk on a Saturday night.  For a guy that has never done peyote, it was a fairly perfect alternative.  With all that said, RIP brother Smarf.  Hopefully some genius TV producer repurposes yo' dead ass.

Full video:

PS. If they play this song at the club, I'm not NOT dancing to it.  Just sayin'

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