Wednesday, April 8, 2015

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British Swans Are Officially Fed Up

We all knew it would happen eventually, but British swans are tired of the shit.  They're sick of it. Officially fed up with the gondolas, the gawking tourists, and people tossing wack ass bread in the water.  So guess what?  They snapped.  They absolutely lost it.  Look at that picture up top - that photographer is dead.  Just got nubbed to death by the toothless death-machine that is the swan.

"Stop looking at me, bitch. I hate you, your family, and everyone on this boat.  I hope a meteor falls from the sky and literally hits only this boat. I'd kill you all if I had my gun on me."

"Think I'm above 'credit card' swiping the gooch?  Because I'm not. Tell your old bag wife to keep her eyes facing front before she gets dealt with, homie. TELL HER!"