Thursday, April 30, 2015

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Introducing The Selfie-Arm: For When You Want A Picture From The Perspective Of A Dead White Person

I'm inches away from buying a selfie-stick.  Once again, I have succumbed to societal pressures, but, most importantly, I feel like I'm denying the world my flame emoji level selfies.  I have facial expressions to make and "likes" to acquire on Instagram.

With that said, you just have to own it.  Once you cross the line into "no one's trying to take a picture with me, but none of them matter anyway because my mama told me I'm handsome" territory, there's no point in hiding it with an old, dead looking white mannequin hand.  A selfie stick is more or less a statement that you're going at life alone, with no one to account for but yourself.  No need to create a false reality where you're carting around a dead person to validate yourself on social media.

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