Thursday, April 2, 2015

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Dog Gets Hit By Car (In China), Sees Great Opportunity To Chill In The Bumper For 248 Miles

Listen, there are plenty of jokes to be made about driving skills in "certain regions" and stereotypes about dog treatment in "certain regions," but let's just be happy that this dog survived what looks to be a pretty terrible ordeal.  And, according to media reports, the dog and the owner appear to have patched things up/are best friends.  Like, "Yeah bro, you hit the shit out of me with your car and had me trapped in your death machine for roughly 250 miles, but you tossed a piece of bacon on the ground last night, so I guess we're cool now."  

Real talk, we all know this dog hates this fucking dude's guts and is plotting a way to kill him in his sleep on a daily basis, but for now, this is a feel-good story.    

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