Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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Japanese People Haven't Danced For 67 Years?


Batten down the hatches, Japan is about to get loose this weekend.  Like, people might die. Seriously. After nearly 7 decades of not dancing, I'm pretty worried about how this is all going to turn out.  Limbs flailing, dudes pulling off moves that can be deemed as "downright dangerous", and assorted other catastrophes are all on the menu at the clubs this weekend.  Most of all, I'm worried about dudes that have been waiting for their time to shine after watching dances like the "Soulja Boy", "Lean Wit' It Rock Wit' It", "Dougie", "Nae Nae", and now the "Whip."  I can only imagine that going out on the dance floor blind with nothing but hopes, dreams, and fond memories of black people dancing awesome will only cause injury.

But yo, Japan is going to be LIT.  Keep an eye out for tons of pregnancies and deaths derived from lost dance battles this upcoming weekend.

Playstations and dancing?  Welcome back to the world superpower club, Japan.

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