Friday, June 19, 2015

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If You Wouldn't Take A Bath With The Fam In Broth Filled With Ramen Noodles, You're A Liar

There are #SquadGoals and then there is sitting in a large simulation ramen bowl with the fam, extended fam, some neighbors, and few random people you found on the street.  The idea and overall concept of family bonding just got flipped on its head and I'm most certainly not missing out on this shit.

A top 5 mistake of my life was missing the boat on the selfie-stick craze.  Now I'm just some mark ass nerd that has to extend his arm an insurmountable distance to take a picture of himself.  Not again. I'm jumping on this ramen hot tub party idea before it's hot in the U.S. so I can get respected as a tastemaker again.

Have to respect Japan, though.  They come up with a shit ton of ideas, don't really vet them at all, and just see what sticks.  Like the red burger from Burger King for example:

This is a TERRIBLE fucking idea.  But you know what?  They went for it.  You know how dating advice columns always talk about how confidence is endearing and one of the best qualities a person can have?  Same goes for ideas.  Ipso facto, I now want to date and, one day, marry this burger because it was such a bold, irrational decision. 

Know what else was a terrible idea that somehow worked out? 

A tiny plumber ate a glowing star and violently murdered a couple of arm-less humanoids and poorly constructed "turtles" for no reason at all.  Nintendo is now worth ~18.4 billion dollars.

"Shooters gotta shoot, yo" - Japan

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