Thursday, June 25, 2015

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The Win & Sean/Sean & Win Podcast: Episode 1

Random inexplicable break at around the 37:30 mark.  All you missed is us saying some borderline inappropriate things about the idea of marriage.  No biggie.

Table of Contents:

1) What has happened since the WMD Podcast of 2012?

2) NBA Draft (girls, stop listening here or keep listening. I don't care)

3) Sports Science is stupid

4) What do NFL writers talk about in the offseason?

5) Antonio Cromartie vs. Kellen Winslow

6) Diddy beat up a guy with a kettlebell

7) NBA again (talk some stuff about Euro basketball)

8) Would you play sports overseas?

9) Podcast freezes right when I call Sean racist

10) Wedding Season


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