Monday, June 1, 2015

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Shout Out To BuyBigVision Dot Com For Remixing The Idea & Overall Concept Of Glasses

*hits blunt*

"But what about, like, a magnifying glass for your eyes"

We made it!  It's crazy how we, as humans, physically reached the Lord's year two thousand fifteen without a means to see objects clearer and at a distance.  You'd think we'd all end up accidentally walking into the traffic or crashing our cars into walls because of our complete inability to see anything.  Not anymore.  This is the future now.  Gone are the days of connecting large, uncomfortable magnifying glasses to your head via lever-pulley system.  Big Vision is here to ensure that you don't look ridiculous for once in your life.  And, in the event that you find yourself in the dark, they even blessed us with a clip-on LED light.  What a time to be alive.  Not only are we able to enlarge objects and make everyday tasks easier to do, but we are also able to do these tasks with a light on our head like we're foraging mines for gold in 1849.

Shoot your shot, Buy Big Vision.  Shoot your god damn shot, you slimy bastards.

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