Friday, June 19, 2009

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Friday…our country’s national freestyle day (if you watch 106 and park) and the day we constantly urge everyone to thank god for. Friday brought us Urkel, Topanga, Dark Angel (ahem..), and late night video game sessions with 24 packs of the “Dew.” It will forever be the most liberating day of the week.

10 years later, Friday is still pretty sweet. I sprint out of this bitch at 4:58, bully my way past the CEOs and office hoes, and hop that T on the way back to the crib. Oh the joyous sound of hearing the T driver say, “this T will now be running express to Harvard Avenue” and watching 10% of the riders cheer and the other 90% contemplate suicide.

These days you have to reach for those small victories like, “Hey there’s an Amp truck right next to my work. Holy shit! They’re giving out free Amp! It’s going to be a great day.” And surprisingly, today has not been that bad. I’ve done my standard level of nothing without getting noticed and steadily cleaning my tracks.

It started making me feel guilty as I have officially spent 20 days of being a profit reducer, but as I walked to the bathroom earlier today (to take a nap), I checked out everyone’s computer screens. Not one person was doing work. Really?! Thought I was a god damn pioneer. What I did see were some of the ballinest java-based computer games on the block. Naïve people are always wondering why we are in recession. I figured it out. Hopefully Obama will follow this blog and do something about this.

So if you’re comfortable with the economy right now, it’s your lucky day. I JUST caught on to this Sporcle” craze and I am going to hazard a guess that the CEO of GM has all the high scores. BAA ZINNNGG!!

Alright for real guys, it’s been real. I’m going to play the role of provider to my roommates and come home from a hard weeks work with two 30s of the finest Natural Light Lager.

P.S.—Get your daddy something before Sunday.

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  1. Emma said... June 23, 2009 at 10:37 PM

    hahahaha love it. esp the t going express randomly. except that the other day it decided to go "express" from chestnut hill ave to BC at 8am without warning, thus fucking me over. pull it together, mbta.

    gotta love sporcle.

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