Monday, June 15, 2009

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So What If I Threw Up on The "T"

You know those weeks when you feel like you put in a very solid 24 work hours? If so, you also know the Wednesday crunch. You might be asking yourself, what is the Wednesday Crunch? Well, it is a term I ingeniously created 22 seconds ago that means the shitty feeling you have after the tough midweek grind at the office.

I encountered one of those bastard Wednesdays last week and it went pretty normal for my standards. I felt the typical shitty feeling that comes with the end of every work day. As I was going home, it really hit me…I have two more days of this shit. Naturally, I start freaking out, but luckily when I got home my roommates were already drinking and prepping for a night at the bar. Three guys going to meet up with three girls. Shapes to be a pretty good night. Quite a few beers and some long island iced teas later, shit is seriously hitting the fan. Code Blue level stuff. I am the drunkest player in the game right now. Yet another occasion where I am too drunk to capitalize on a good situation, but that's neither here nor there.

Needless to say, me and this girl that I have been dancing with are no longer exchanging the vibes we were sharing in the beginning of the night. We bring them back to our place and within ten minutes, I spout some nonsense before passing out downstairs with my clothes on. This leads me to the title of this post.

Alarm rings at 7:00am. Throw up at 7:02am.

Shower at 7:04. Throw up at 7:06.

A rough start to a day to say the least. When I get on the "T" I am visibly drunk and scaring people. Second stop down, I am ready to blow again, there's vomit in my mouth. I get off, vomit in an alley and officially take the first sick day (2 1/2 weeks in) of my working career. I call my mom and tell her I ate a bad Egg McMuffin--by the way I hope she never reads this. You live and learn.

Judge me however you want to, but know this. If you are drinking on a night before you have work and you aren't throwing up on the T or in your car, you are simply not trying. Don't act like you are holier than thou alright. Don't stare and point at that next guy who vomits on a 7:35am "T." Congratulate him for kicking the shit out of the "Wednesday Crunch."

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