Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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$$ My Million Dollar Idea $$

Apparently, Chad Ochocinco (I still find that name ridiculous) plans on living with Carson Palmer and his family during the month of July to “catch up” on things. That interaction will be less than or equivalent to the chemistry exhibited by Martin Lawrence and Luke Wilson in Blue Streak. I am just going to assume they are going to have 24 hour cameras in that house.

Carson: Hey Chad, do you mind watching the kids for the night?

Chad: Sure Carson. No problem

(2 Hours Later)

Carson: Why are the kids covered head to toe in watches?!?

Chad: Ohhhhh, you meant that watch.

(Audience Laughs)

That combined with these Kobe/Lebron puppet commercials (Nike’s biggest backfire in recent memory) has got the ol’ noodle working on a crazy television show premise that could undeniably crush records. Combining aspects of the shittily great show “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here” and pro-sports—yes I know John Salley is on that show, shut up—I feel that there’s some money to be made. Just picture Kobe and Lebron, forced to live with one another for one weekend, no wife, no kids, no strippers, one box of cereal, Lebron’s MVP trophy and Kobe’s NBA championship. The person who does not fight or leave the house wins money for their favorite charity. TV gold right?? Just imagine Terrell Owens/Tony Romo, Manny Ramirez/Any Sox player, Tiger/Mickelson, the list goes on.

Put any two sports rivals in a house with one bowl of cereal, people are going to freak the hell out. You could even have some crazy reward challenges, like making the two athletes compete in sports that they don’t participate in. Lebron vs. Kobe…one on one…curling. Winner gets the remote for the night.

And this my friends, is what I think about at work.

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