Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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The Long Overdue KFC Fried Chicken Keyboard Is Finally Here

This is big, nay, HUGE news.  Amid all of the chaos going on in the world we finally have something good to talk about.  We can type on fried chicken keys, y'all.  We made it.

Sure, maybe most of the keys don't have letters and all of them kinda resemble the same piece of chicken, but that's besides the fact.  The Colonel expects you to know the nuances of a standard QWERTY keyboard by now.  Also, do not for one second think that The Colonel action figure overlooking your typing prowess is lost on me.  It's so important that he's there.  So very important.

I basically reacted like a basic bitch at a Beyonce concert when it was revealed that the mouse and flash drive are drumsticks.  Screaming "I CAN'T even right now" all over the place to no one in particular.  There are game changers and then there are drumstick flash drives.

So it goes without saying that my new life goal is winning the KFC keyboard contest on the Japanese KFC website.  Everything else is currently cast aside.  Relationships, hygiene, work, etc. officially placed on timeout until this is all sorted out.

Once I figure out what Anime Colonel is saying, this shit is ON:

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