Friday, September 5, 2014

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Kanye Is So Above The Idea And Overall Concept Of Basketball

This is probably the worst thing to happen to Adam Silver since he took over as commissioner of the NBA.  Can't have the Louis Vuitton don out there looking disinterested as shit playing your sport. Maybe that crossover bounced off his heel out of bounds.  You know what?  It's your fault, Adam.  The basketballs aren't baller enough.  

Welp, looks like basketball is no longer cool anymore.  Guess I'm done with this shit until 'Ye comes back around and endorses it again.  Put some Swarovski diamonds and suicide doors on the sides of the backboard and then we'll talk.

PS.  We cannot overlook the fact that Kanye hit Captain Phillips with possibly the greatest crossover of ALL-TIME, though.

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