Tuesday, September 9, 2014

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The Whole Idea Of Flirting And "Having Game" Just Got Flipped On Its Head

So this is a real text exchange that I had with one of my buddies.  He randomly flew out to Miami and had an awesome weekend galavanting around and shit.  Naturally, I was hatin' from afar, but jealous to the point that I had to know every move that he was making.  That's when these texts happened.

Take a quick look at this picture:

Now imagine walking up to (presumably) unapproachable girls, tapping them on the shoulder, showing them that picture and then making a hand phone on your face.  Preposterous, right?  A move I'd deem as downright psychopathic.  But you know what?  There's a good chance that it worked.  From the perspective of the girls, they don't know what the fuck just happened.  This guy basically bought 14 acres of land in your psyche and you don't even know if the move was hilarious or not.  You don't even have time to be creeped out.  The game has officially been changed.  

Stop wearing nice clothes, buying drinks or wearing cologne.  No need to smell good when you can just mash people's minds into confusion.