Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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H&M...What A Store.

(The French writing makes me more likely to purchase from them)

In the "I swear I am not gay" defense of the year (not that anything is wrong with that, I just don't want to deter my adoring (LOLZ) female fans) I spent an inordinate amount of time perusing and making several purchases from the H&M store.

Before you toss the purple flag, you must realize that I have never been to one of these stores during any part of my grand existence. Frankly, I thought it was a women's store. It's not far off. Walking in you see mostly womens clothes, a strong majority of gay men, and (strangely) old women that look confused just being there. Myself and my buddy were in the strong minority. My apprehensiveness was instantly removed by the playing of the classic party romp "Just Dance." That's when everyone bonded and let their guard down. We were all just customers at that point, with some of us liking V-neck shirts and skinny jeans more than others. I think the store brought everyone to a solid metro-sexual level. The gay guys became a little more straight and the straight guys..gulp..became a little more gay.

Say what you want about that establishment, but you show me a place where I can get 2 quality T-shirts, a nice scarf, and some gloves for like $18. Don't give me that CVS or Dollar Store bullshit either. Three Wendy's meals=my purchase (It really is sad that I base my life purchases on fast food meals, i.e.-I was going to buy a video game, but thought to myself "man, that's like 12 Big Mac meals, I probably should hold off." I am going to die young). Where was I? Oh yea, H&M. Good store, go in there with an open mind and you may come out surprised with a little more change in your pocket for let's say...a...Quarter Pounder?!

I feel like this should be a permanent disclaimer, but I am not drunk. And no Lance, I'm not gay!

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