Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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If The Matrix, 2012, And The Minority Report Had One Weird Night, This Would Be The Baby

Frankly, it's cold as shit outside and I made the stupid decision of buying the local 7 Eleven out of all of it's White Castle Cheeseburgers. It's a terrible decision on make on a weekly basis. Normally, I make that play on a drunken night after getting out of the cab and realizing there isn't a god damn morsel of food in my house. When I am making it on a Tuesday mid-evening, things are not good. My judgment is a tad clouded so that made this trailer even more confusing to me.

From what I gather, Leonardo DiCaprio is trying to steal a dreidel that makes water tilt to the side. That's it. I'll pay the $10.50 though since Leo never ceases to deliver. He does the damn thing in all front of life. I've seen the guy hit the 25 point shot in "Rock'n Jock" basketball for crying out loud. So Leo, whatever crazy movie you got planned, I am probably going to watch it. You have reached Andre 3000 status in that whatever you put out will be gold.

Hopefully I'll be there one day. If I ever reach that point, I will test my staying power by coming out with a song (with an accompanying video) titled "The Morning Routine." It'll chronicle the hardships of hearing your alarm, debating suicide, showering, and eventually getting dressed. If the song is anywhere in the Billboard Top 100, I know I am on that Leo and Andre level.

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