Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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I Need To Somehow Incorporate This Guy Into My Everyday Life

Waffles McFuckin Butter, where the hell have you been all my life? Why hasn't a cartoon been made about your misadventures with various other breakfast sidekicks? Sausage Linkskin and Bacon O'Slice sound about right. Am I drunk? No. I am just a man with a vision.

I don't get Dubs McB at all though. He's wearing a Santa hat and apparently a blue speed suit that wraps around a waffle-shaped body. Tons of confusion coupled with a bunch of joy and happiness basically sums up my boy Waffles. Imagine going to a bar with this guy. No chance for you to pick up a girl.

Once I learn how to draw and handle legal issues with the person who created Dubbie McButter-man, expect to see my name in connection with the creator/producer/guy in the McButter suit in the credits.

The future is coming. And his name is Waffles

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