Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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Tiger Tiger Woods Ya'll (If You Were Like 4-6 Years Old)

I was never great with Legos. I swallowed a bunch of key pieces and things never really came to fruition after that. I had my moments with those "ship" shaped Lego's re-enacting the Battle of Normandy and sweet shit like that. Never have I had a moment like this.

Where were my Hummer pieces though? I feel like George Mikan runnin' shit in the NBA in the 50s. Take me out of the early 90s and throw me with the modern Legos and I'll crumble. I'd try to lodge the Hummer Lego down my throat and inevitably die. That's why some players (people) are meant for certain times.

...I rarely have an idea what I am writing.

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