Monday, December 21, 2009

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The Michael Jordan Of Games That Will Ruin Your Child's Christmas And Subsequently Scar Him/Her For Life

Kudos to you if you can speak words after watching this. Hell, kudos if you made it through the entire video. I was in when that old school started playing, but I was quickly out when the creature that only has one pupil with a surrounding eyeball ate the remote. What the hell is wrong with the Wii? First that very questionable "Beat Up The Guy That Jacked My Protein" game and now this Furby-Gremlin hybrid?

Wii execs are kind of like that guy who has been on such a hot streak with ladies. He brings hotties on the regular and knows that he can say and do no wrong. The fishing-with-dynamite concept. Wii brings home a couple dimes (Wii Fit, Mario, etc), then thinks, "you know, I am already an established stud and I don't really want to put in the effort tonight..ehh, I'll take home a dog."

While that analogy was long-winding and possibly made no sense, we are watching you Wii. We saw you create this game. You can't chalk this one up to being too drunk either, because you fucking thought long and hard enough to create a game where the remote (?) eats..the remote?

I have no idea what's happening. What happened to Duck Hunt and Battle Toads?

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