Wednesday, September 18, 2013

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I Mean, Well, Um.

Serious question: How come my checks don't look like this?

Do you have to be a certain level beyond "I ain't shit" to acquire that table on the left?  THEY WERE DOING MATH ON HIS CHECK.  I'm poor.  We're all poor.  I guess the play is have as many sons as possible, let them continuously beat the shit out of each other and hope the eventual winner gets to do math on his checks one day.  Only choice left honestly.  Life sucks.

You can be dumb and think you're living well/happy, but I'm going to embrace the new lifestyle I'm going to develop right after this blog.

Breakfast: Fiber on top of fiber.  Plus I'll have like 20 pieces left.  Cut some in half and that's food for a month.

Lunch: Lots of water.  Poor people don't eat lunch.

Dinner:  Tons of options here.  It's the idea of ham with the versatility of a every food in the world.