Monday, September 9, 2013

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Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" On Mario Paint

Nerds are amazing.  Sometimes I wish I never played sports and pursued an active social life so I can have the ability to do shit like this.  Sure, maybe I'd be 300 lbs, never have a girlfriend and probably be wildly depressed, but god dammit I'd be talented.  If talent was measured by creating modern day songs with 20 year old Super Nintendo games, of course.

My nerd Hall of Fame achievements can boil down to two things:

-Caught all 151 Pokemon.  Legit went to a mall to acquire Mew

-Cried while playing the mine level in Donkey Kong Country.  Sucked it up, stayed up until 4am to beat it.

Obviously neither of those come close to this level.  So jealous, yet so not jealous.  Keep doing your thing, dweebs.

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