Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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Poo-Pourri Just Flipped The Entire Poop Game Upside Down

^Girls pooping is NEVER funny and not real. Like unicorns.

As embarrassing as this sounds, my life has significantly changed based on this information.  Like drastically.  One time, I almost jumped  two stories out of my girlfriend's bathroom window to run to a CVS, buy a Febreeze and come back before she thought I died.  It got THAT real.  First, let's address a few things:


Concept is good, but the execution is fucking preposterous.  Does Poop Spray now belong on the "leaving the house checklist" with Wallet/Phone/Keys?  I simply can't imagine worse things falling out of your pocket than poop-cover up spray.  Social suicide.


This might be the most disgusting picture that I have ever seen.


Quite possibly the most well reviewed product in Amazon history.  They aren't cocky at Poo-Pourri, they're confident.  When you target 3.5 billion dudes that are trying to avoid the poop-related ramifications of dealing with 3.5 billion women, you strike gold.

Obviously I clicked "Confirm Purchase."

PS. Rap Game, Jody Highroller.  Poop Game, Arnold Palmer.

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