Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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Chris Bosh Went A Weird Route With His "Nickname" Jersey

*The NBA is having a "nickname" game with the Nets vs. the Heat on some date that I will not be circling on the calendar.  Once I saw this was happening, I worried for Chris Bosh.  He and only he could screw this up.  Guess what?  He did.

Nah, incorrect choice.  You only had a few options and you Bosh'd the shit out of it.  People think you're weird to begin with and you had to go with the 2 Chainz elongated "YAAASSSSS."  Bad play.  Don't worry there's still time to make some changes

Option 1: 
Timeless, relevant, and topical.  Also, Comic Sans is such a Bosh move.  This is choice #1 exclusively because of:

Option 2: 
Not necessarily a nickname as much as it is a declaration of a previously known fact.  Can't live a lie forever, Christopher.  You're a slice right out of the Mesozoic Era.  Own it.

You had options, man.  Were you in a time crunch?  Strapped by a "send in your nickname by noon" deadline?  That's the only explanation.  Clean it up.  I expect better come game time.

Bonus jersey that's not really a jersey at all and just a .gif.
Like a Bosh, indeed.