Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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New Music: "Between Broken Walls" - Mack Spellman

WMD isn't just crude humor, funny pictures and dick jokes.  Sometimes I like to break into the art scene and expand your musical horizons.  If you're tired of Katy Perry's "Roar", this is a big breath of fresh air.

I like this video for a several reasons:

1) The first :30 is just a pretty girl running around in a tight dress.  Can't be mad at that.

2) It somehow makes Boston look awesome.

3) Pretty sure Mack flipped hipster-fashion upside down.  This hat is unreal, yet ironically worn with a shirt that has the sleeves rolled up:

4) Some super hot drunk kid pops up at the 2:30 mark

5) Copious amounts of mason jars are what's hot in the streets right now.  

Great track, give it a listen.

-To follow Mack and his musical endeavors, check out www.MackSpellmanMusic.com.  FYI, I'm trying to ride his coat tails to fame and fortune.

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