Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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Simply Put, Tippy The Fainting Squirrel Is Struggling Out There

Dude is physically incapable of getting his feet set out here.  Probably the saddest thing I've seen in 2013.

Step into Tippy's (sweet name, guys) world.  One second you're eating a acorn and the next you're unconscious wondering what the hell just happened.  I give him a ton of credit though.  Each and every time this happens, he has the option to just kinda die, but he's too much of a fighter.  He's determined to just keep living life as a squirrel even though it'll inevitably end in a falling-off-a-tree related tragedy.  Someone get this son of a bitch a Kickstarter so we make sure he can eat acorns without blacking out and collapsing into leaves.

PS. As a complete side note, I'm all about the Sloth life and might need to get my first tattoo.

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