Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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Cats Had A Weird Start To The Week

It's only Tuesday and cats have had themselves a pretty weird week.  By "weird", I mean they were aggressive, scary, and mostly got fucked up.

One cat was a habitual line-stepper and proceeded to get gored and tossed 12 feet into the air by a Buffalo.

No other way to say it, this cat got it's ass-kicked by a rat from the Bronx.  For those of you that forget, I was actually born and raised there.  Small victories when you can get them.

If it wasn't for this video, the cat stock might have taken a deep, dark plunge.  Dude was literally fighting for his species as he legitimately and legally tackled a woman to the ground while simultaneously scaring the poop out of her dog.  

Hey dog, hop the fence or something, bro.  Make an effort.  Don't just stand there and watch your owner take a hurricanrana from a cat when you could get in the mix yourself.

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