Monday, December 30, 2013

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Colombia Was Cool, Except For The Racist Ice Cream

^conversion: roughly 2000 Colombian Pesos = 1 US Dollar

For those that don't know, I was in Medellin, Colombia all of last week traversing the world and getting cultured.  In the midst of chopping it up with Pablo Escobar's ghost and stupidly playing with stray dogs, I came across the most racist ice cream ever.

There are different types of racism.  One type is the completely subtle, institutionalized brand that occurs throughout the world on a daily basis.  Another type is the completely overt, in-your-face-black-guy-on-a-chocolate-ice-cream-container racism that I almost kinda like.  Almost.

Colombia came out of the gates extremely hard.  The Mimo's marketing team damn near smashed the accelerator on this one.  It's so straight forward and to the point that, as a black guy, I have to respect it.  This ice cream is for the layman.  The type of person that has no fucking clue what chocolate ice cream may look like inside of the container.  The type of person that needs to openly think, "Ohhh, this ice cream looks like a black guy" before making an informed purchase.  I mean, they knocked "Cafe Mocha" out of the god damn park.

Money is green and that's all that Mimo's cares about.  They make ice cream for people that like ice cream but aren't confident in item-color recognition so we can't really be that upset at this.

PS. I feel sorry for the young white girl that thought she was going to be the next CoverGirl model, but got told that she was best suited for modeling race-based ice cream in Colombia.

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