Monday, December 2, 2013

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Guy Busts out of Jail to go to Dentist, Turns Self Back In

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Dude, what the hell are you thinking? Might as well not even shower the rest of the time you're in jail. Like it's bad enough you're only in jail for a month in the first place. If you're in for a month there's no way you're one of the tough guys, so all you do is keep your head down and keep a sturdy grip on the soap.

But you finally had it here, you broke out, man. That's like the single toughest thing you can brag about in jail. Golden ticket to the cool kids table and protection from every hulk in there who thinks you can get him out. When they inevitably catch you and throw your ass back in jail you're king for a day. But not this Swedish fuck. Back in his cell just bragging it up like "Man my tooth feels so much better, fuck the guards am I right?" No bro, you're not. In fact you probably just made yourself a target for every wannabe tough guy in the place.

Even criminals are fucking pussies nowadays.

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