Monday, December 30, 2013

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Why Mickey Mantle is my Favorite Baseball Player Ever

*Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Finals/holidays/general laziness has been keeping me busy.

I know it's been known for a while but I just found about Mickey Mantle's best experience as a Yankee. And I gotta say this just solidifies his reputation as a bonafide boss. Here's the letter in all it's glory (if you can't read it just click on the link above):
So what is your greatest moment? Walk off dingers? World series championships? Nah dude, totally that one time I got head under the bleachers.
See, this is what makes him such an all-time great. Great player for sure, but probably the most relatable guy out there on the field. It's like he's a high school ballplayer or something. Some guys play for the money some for the glory, Mickey just wants a little strange on his day off.
P.S. I love how he says "I had a pulled groin and couldn't fuck at the time." That's all he's worried about. Like "yeah it sucks I can't play but the real tragedy is not being able to give it to this broad in the 4th inning."
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