Friday, January 3, 2014

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Hate When a Girl Unfriends You on Facebook and You Have to Throw Boiling Water on Her Face

h/t HuffPost

Hate it when this happens. You're working your Facebook game with some girl, throwing out the usual "I'm a great athlete" and "Yeah I totally just got back from the gym" lines. You know, completely normal stuff. You're thinking you might even get your sext on in the near future.

Then out of nowhere she unfriends you and that's no good. Can't take it lying down. Shit's like The Wire, you gotta come back on her, right? So you drag a boiling pot of water down the street and pour it on this chick's face. Gotta establish dominance. Now the cops are looking for you like you're some sort of bad guy? Bullshit. Let he who hasn't poured boiling water on a 15 year old girl's face over an online dispute cast the first stone, that's what I always say.

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