Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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Hey Atlanta, Get It Together

For those that don't have internet access or a television, Atlanta is a warzone right now.  Two, maybe three inches of snow fell and the one plow/sand truck that the city had was completely overwhelmed.  Some good happened, but mostly a lot of inexplicably bad stuff happened.

The Good:

You can't drop almost one quarter of a foot of snow on Atlanta and not expect someone to make a snow Jordan logo:

A baby was somehow born in a car on the side of the road.  They named her Grace because she was born in a car on the side of the road.

The Bad, But Not Really That Bad Because It'd Be Kinda Cool:

People slept in a CVS.  I think I'm the only person that would find this pretty sweet.  Sure, getting stuck in a mall would be awesome, but we're not kids anymore.  Can't just chill in a KB Toys and call it a day.  We have to be practical.  Have to come to grips with the fact that all I need in this world is Gatorade and contact solution at this point.  
I see you, sleeping on Maxi Pads.
The Bad:

Giant sleepover in the school sounded like a great idea until it actually happened.  Not the best night to try to hold little Susie's hand.

Mayor Kasim Reed is is going with the classic "wear a leather jacket to distract and deflect any possible criticisms that people may have with me and how I handled this situation" approach.

The Ether:

Al Roker hates weather information ineptitude.  Literally the only thing that bothers this jovial bastard.  Well, Atlanta, you done fucked up now.

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