Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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Florida State Fans Were Convinced That The Game Was In The Bag Last Night

Confidence.  That's all I see here.  I'm familiar with the phrase "playing possum" and the Florida State fans that walked into oncoming traffic via Rivals.com message board were playing some serious possum.

You can't knock the varying degrees in which these fans crumbled either.  They went through the five stages of grief right before our eyes.  

1) Denial:  "The fix is in", "the refs aren't calling anything"

2) Anger:  "wtf.....joyner sux"

3) Bargaining: "Cheering for a FG try"

4) Depression: "Jimbo contract = BIG mistake", "I'm signing off.  See you after th."

5) Acceptance: "its over fellas"

That's how magic happens, folks.  Imagine a little girl wishing upon a star for a new doll house except replace that thought with grown ass men groveling all over their computer keyboards.  Sometimes a divine force sees your pathetic whining, poor grammar and lack of confidence in your undefeated football teams and tosses you a break.  

Like players suddenly getting "cramps" during important kickoff coverages:

Or not being tall enough on the most important play after playing near perfect defense all game:

I know veiled confidence when I see it, and you, Florida State fans, had it in spades last night.  In related news, I'm legitimately worried about the "I'm signing off.  See you after th." guy.  Does anyone know him?  Can you verify that people "saw" him living after the game?  Thanks.

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