Monday, May 5, 2014

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Why Do These Pigeons Look Like The 2002 Ruff Ryders?

2014 has already proven to be a very weird year.  We straight up lost an airplane, an owner of a team in a predominantly black sport hated black people and pigeons are about to take the rap game over before our eyes.  Truly special times.

Now the question that I have is this: are the Ryde or Die: Vol. 2 pigeons the same pigeons that were having a "secret" meeting inside of a local Arbys a few months back?

Just hob nobbin' away about what label they are going to sign with, when the mixtape is dropping and what Instagram model they're going to coooo at.  You know, rapper stuff.  Either way, like most music, if it bangs it bangs.  I'll crumble up all the Wonder Bread in the world if they drop the album of the summer.