Friday, November 6, 2009

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Say What Up To Sesame Street When You See It Out at The Bars This Weekend, It's 40

-the funniest analysis of Sesame Street I ever heard (some bad language, but screw it. I swear all the time)

One of the most formative cartoons for the youth. Shit, I couldn't start my day without "The Count" informing me of what the hell a number was. Seriously, at age 2-3 you have no fucking idea what a number is, or anything for that matter. Another reason why babies are stupid. I digress. Sesame Street was a tremendous show for the fact that it just tricked the balls out of kids and extremely high adults. I would listen to anything those strange puppets said.

Even though Chappelle made it pretty evident, I never questioned why a 6 foot Yellow Bird was running shit on the block. I accepted things as they were.

"Whoa, what? There's this terrifying blue monster that constantly performs B&E's stealing people's cookies?

"Chill mom, it's cool. Ugh! You'll never understand."

What I did question was how the humans seemingly integrated completely fine with these large puppet creatures that spoke great English. Again, it was a great show. Taught me how to count, listen, judge, and manipulate. Pretty much all you need in this crazy world we live in.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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