Friday, November 20, 2009

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Settin' Em Up For The Play Action

Thought of a great idea for life and work while I was just enjoying a rousing game of NHL 2k9. I thought about lulling the defense to sleep (wearing casual clothes all the time) and then hitting them with the bomb (wearing a nice outfit).

Basically, since I started work and I realized there is not a strict dress code (yes, it's a real job) I have worn the bear minimum requirement to not get fired. Shirts and the same jeans for all 5 days. It's awesome. Due to a combination of laziness and laundry detergent, I only had my "big gun" shirts remaining. Backed into a corner, I unknowingly put together a pretty snazzy outfit. You know those scenes in shows where the jukebox stops when some significant character walks into the bar? Picture people not really reacting, but noticing me in a nice shirt. Girls fumble their words and the guys ask me who my stylist is. That doesn't happen. It does feel good to actually look deese when I walk in the office though.

Before you think I'm rambling hear me out. In any facet of life you can run the play action on people. Life is about the shock and awe. Get yourself noticed. Break away from your norm and go deep to the wide open receiver in the corner of the me it'll pay off.

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