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Word (Ok, More Than One Word) Associations With Popular 90s Cartooons and Select TV Shows Pt. 2

Fair warning: Sequels have a history of sucking.

Animaniacs: I hated the show, but during lunchroom conversation in elementary school, I pretended I liked it. Life is all about fitting in during opportune times.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Obviously a tremendous cartoon program. Can we talk about the lopsidedness of the weapons. Leonardo had a sick katana, but Donatello is stuck with a stick? Raphael was rockin' a couple of undersized pitch forks and Michaelangelo's stoner ass had some nun chucks. They only had one sword in stock. I bet Shredder would be destroyed in episode 4 if they all had swords.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: I distinctly remember this show starting at 2:30 when school ended at 2:15. You never seen a kid force his mother into so many near-miss speeding violations. Tantrums were thrown and basically you were not involved in any insightful conversation on the playground if you didn't see Power Rangers the day before. The show though, did teach people about stereotyping. Red Ranger-A before-his-time white bro (of course he had the sword), Blue Ranger: wore glasses, thus a nerd and the science guy of the group, Black Ranger: black, could dance, great at basketball, should I go on? Yellow Ranger: Asian, Pink Ranger: Hot. So many subliminal messages.

Doug: Great show. One of my all time favorites. Another show that made race a non-issue and created characters of all colors..literally (even though Skeeter was definitely meant to be the "black guy").

Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers: Is it weird to think that chick mouse-thing was hot?

Beast Wars: Couldn't wrap my head around the idea of 3-D at the time, so the show didn't get a fair chance with me and was deemed shitty.

Magic School Bus: Great show, but bad because it gave kids a false representation of what field trips were going to be about. Fuck the museum, I want to go back in time far enough to make an appearance in the "Land Before Time" DVD.

CatDog: Another show that I still know all the words to the theme song despite not really watching the show. Strange.

Tiny Toon Adventures: A wayyy better version of that busted "Looney Toons" shit the previous generation watched. This is one of those shows that inspired me to get into a bunch of schemes. Schemes like putting the salt where the pepper should be and hiding the orange juice in the oven. I wasn't a very creative kid.

Darkwing Duck: Let's get dangerous. Pretty bad-ass show that actually followed up on it's two and three parters (X-Men!!). I could respect when a show ropes you into a mini-series and actually comes to an end. Ahem. I was Darkwing Duck for 2 straight Halloweens. No one knew who I was.

Bobby's World: This show may have been responsible for several scoldings and potential spankings. I mean, Bobby's parents (Howie Mandel's crazy ass) didn't give a shit if he rode his tricycle around the house. Why should mine? Exactly. I demand an apology mother.

Dragonball Z: The creme de la creme of all my 90s shows. I've never cared more about a show. I skipped practices, faked sicknesses, stayed up absurd hours, to watch this show. It had everything I wanted in an action cartoon. I'm a sucker for outrageous super powers and this show had that and a great story to back things up. It one of those match made in heaven moments where the puzzle pieces fall into place. To date, my favorite show of all time, and if they showed an updated version of it, I am not ashamed to say that I would watch it.

I'm done.

Judge away people.

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  1. Anonymous said... November 19, 2009 at 12:28 PM

    great post. i would pay for a channel that only played my favorite childhood shows.

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