Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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Word (Ok, More Than One Word) Associations With Popular 90s Cartooons and Select TV Shows Pt. 1

-I totally don't dig the 90s dude, but this picture is so rad. (Could be 80s? Mehhh)

Great Decade. Great Shows. Great Associations. Round 1....Fight! (Street Fighter? 90s Game. Get it??)

Pinky & The Brain: The premise of this show essentially parallels my bar conquests, but instead of the focus on taking over the world, my focus is on women.

Johnny Bravo: Responsible for at least 16% of the world's future rapists.

Pokemon: Remember everyone thought it would be sick if Pokemon were real. It wouldn't. It would probably lead to the apocalypse with life as we know it being completely over.

Batman the Animated Series: I was way to young to watch this shit. Mature Themes.

Ren & Stimpy: Still don't really know what was happening in this show. Again too young to watch it. To my knowledge, the show centered around fart jokes and booger picking. The bio-cartoon version of my life?

X-Men: The Animated Series: The most frustrating show of my youth. For anyone else who watched this, wasn't every episode the first or second of a three parter? The next day you'd scrape your knee because you were violently sprinting off the bus to catch the start of episode 3 and they show another part one of a completely unrelated three parter. Fuck you X-Men.

Spiderman: Ditto. I blame Fox programming for another brilliant showing of ineptitude.

Freakazoid: Teaching the children the effects of cocaine abuse.

Scooby-Doo: For some reason I still know the words of the theme song. Definitely not a 90s cartoon. More likely 1970's (note the Mystery Machine). Don't ask.

Reboot: Sucked balls.

Hey Arnold: The unofficial guide to pre-pre-teen boys. It taught you how to be chill and level-headed before those were even considered concepts within society.

Digimon: A strong role-player in the Japanese-Pokemon-Tamagotchi American takeover. Kind of like a Horace Grant.

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