Monday, November 16, 2009

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Someone Get Ludacris Some Census Information

Boston. Not well represented despite the fact that this may be one of the biggest hoe/slag/skankaloon habitats in the country. I don't know if Ludacris reviewed his census statistics because my numbers read off a different tale.

I essentially judge women by the "Safari Zone Theory." Yes, Safari Zone from Pokemon. Before you get all "man you a nerd Dub Jeezy" on me, hear me out. Getting women is pretty much like catching a Pokemon in Safari Zone. You are only equipped with a pokeball (to catch it), food (to make it comfortable), and a rock (to show aggression). The guy equivalents of these would be a combination of looks, charm, money, possession, and chillitude (combo of chillness and attitude). One of Luda's aforementioned "hoes" doesn't care about the food or the rock. You can just throw a pokeball and they're caught. Now what's the fun in that?

Get your facts straight Luda and update your mapping code.