Friday, November 9, 2012

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If "It's Thanksgiving" Isn't The JAM Of The Next 2.5 Weeks, I Don't Know Music

You're so right, Nicole. It IS Thanksgiving and I think people were starting to forget about it.

So informative (thanks for listing the holidays!) and so timely (Thanksgiving is almost here). I can't write a better recipe for a better song. But bitch, I can write a better recipe for stuffing. I mean what the FUCK were you putting in there? Peas and Cap'n Crunch. That was embarrassing and ruined the entire song for me. And you're not fooling anyone with that cornish hen in the oven. Clean it up and re-release this track. You have the requisite amount of "Oh, oh, oh"s, but almost zero holiday related accuracy.

You did pull me back in when you used that cornish hen drumstick as a microphone though. Clever stuff.

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