Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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Shout Out To This Farmer That Had The Chinese Government Build A Highway Around His House


I already know the answers to the questions you're going to ask.

"Is this dumb?"
-Clearly, this man is outside of his mind.

"Is this the cockiest guy ever to live?"
-If not, he's easily top five.

"But how does he get the mail?"
-You don't need mail when you live in a 5 story mega-mansion in the middle of the highway.

Outrageous/Hilarious story, picture, and video. This guy just defines the male species perfectly. Impossibly stubborn, on a constant quest to have a dick swinging contest and most of all, refusing to move out of his weird mega-mansion when the government tries to build a highway through his house. The Y-chromosome is truly flourishing with this guy. Dude straight up has nowhere to go at any given point in time, zero way to provide for his family, and he has to look both ways whenever he opens the door.

Never gave up that deed, though.

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