Thursday, November 1, 2012

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...What The Hell Happened In Japanese Mario?!

Well aside from the obvious fact of my childhood being over, this is the most outrageous picture I think I have ever seen. I know this blog is pretty much exclusively hyperbole, but I really mean it this time. Most outrageous picture of my life.

Fucked up things to observe:


2) I'm like 68% sure that's Link from "Legend of Zelda" with his arm wrapped around the princess.

3) Toad #1 and Toad #2 are naked as hell

4) That's a Yeti in the bottom right of the picture. There was never a Yeti in any Super Mario game.

5) Goombas and Turtles are inexplicably floating. No longer threats. It seems very peaceful in Mushroom Kingdom.

6) Is this a video game or an album? The "Original Soundtrack" in the top left is in English. Could be an R&B album--worth investigating.

The 5-year old in all of us just jumped off a roof.

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