Thursday, November 1, 2012

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This "Painting" Horse Kinda Sucks At Painting


Big whoop. So what if this horse successfully painted a picture of himself? That shit was in 2D. You can accidentally paint anything in 5 minutes if there is zero artistic skill involved. Where's the shading? Do horses get a free-pass when it comes to things like angles, depth and realism, or is "Justin" getting entirely too much credit?

Sure, you may think I'm hating on this horse, but damn, drawing a self-portrait in art class was by far the most difficult academic activity I ever had to perform. Took me like 8 months and always, without fail, looked like shit. Can't have Justin-the-plain-named-horse coming out here and getting all this CNN shine. Just because you're using your mouth, have hooves, and don't understand the concept of art doesn't let you make a mockery of my life like that. It ain't that easy.

Color me unimpressed.

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