Monday, December 3, 2012

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Clean Up Your Shit And Get Your Arm Out Of That Dolphin's Mouth


There are ways to hang out with dolphins:

And ways not to hang out with dolphins:

They're slippery, fun-loving creatures that are strictly down to play and and jump over shit. That's it. They literally have no qualms about anything as long as they eat roughly 300 tiny fish daily and have a beach ball to play with. This girl fucked with one of those things. If you're not popping beach balls or tampering with one of the 300 tiny fish, you're 100% in the clear. Jillian messed up and got dealt with. It's how the world works. You cross the line, you get checked. Just dance the Merengue with it and allow a professional photographer to take like 75 pictures of you so your girlfriend can post them on Facebook and your friends can make fun of you for it like the rest of us.

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