Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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A Tale Of Three Pregnancies

Exhibit A: Kate Middleton

Queen Kate, looking all regal and shit.  Sexy, elegant and downright classy.  She's beating the hell out of pregnancy so bad that the kid in the red sweater is super sad about it.

Exhibit B: Halle Berry

They caught Halle mid-smile and she is STILL killing it.  If you're caught in a picture mid-smile it's probably the worst you can ever look.  Eyes all squinted and lips all contorted and what not.  Not Halle.  She's still hotter than the hottest girl you've ever seen.

Exhibit C: Ew

Here's Kim Kardashian wearing a 400 thread count king-size bed sheet around her body holding a child that she is definitely considering eating.  "But I'm pregnant" can only last for about 20-25 extra pounds.  Anything else and your just a fat person that happens to be pregnant.  Kanye can't be thrilled that any sexual encounter with Kim can result in him getting lost forever in Narnia.