Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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What Did Everyone Think Of Beyonce's Boob Suit?

Beyonce's playing with house money right now.  Ruining international relationships with places that we already had a ruined relationship with, strategically lip-syncing the National Anthem, and wearing titty shirts are all par for the course these days with Queen Bey.  

Titty suits.  So hot right now.  Bet future Blue Ivy is super thrilled about these pics too.  Nothing beats having some asshole in your class text you pictures of your mother when she wore a titty suit.  And hey, Beyonce, cut the shit.  Your boobs aren't there anymore.  They were and they still probably look awesome, but I doubt they're defying gravity and look like mashed pancakes with Hershey kisses.  No I wouldn't mind seeing them to verify, but don't skew our imaginations, girl.

Whoa, blog took a weird turn there.  I'm going to hop off now and hope Jay doesn't figuratively "drop this" blog from the "team."